Revving Up Retail: GKTECH's Custom Solution

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GKTECH has earned its reputation over two decades by designing and delivering state-of-the-art solutions for Nissan vehicles. Their influential footprint extends across Australia, the US, and Japan. But as they looked to transition their online stores from Magento to Shopify, they faced a significant challenge: integrating their unique "Bundle" product feature that Shopify didn't natively support.

The Challenge

For GKTECH, their Bundle products weren't just a nifty feature—it was a linchpin for their business operations. The absence of this feature on Shopify was a massive roadblock in their migration journey. They needed a custom-built solution that not only catered to this need but was also seamlessly integrated into the Shopify ecosystem.

The Solution

When Luke and the GKTECH squad reached out to us, we knew we had to craft something special. We conceptualized an app, tailor-made for GKTECH's Shopify stores. The app's primary function was to bridge the Bundle product gap, but we ensured it packed a punch with other impressive features as well.

Key Features of the Custom App:
  1. Bundling Bliss: GKTECH could now curate bundles using their existing Shopify inventory, effortlessly.
  2. Pricing Flexibility: The app allowed custom discounting and maintained distinct wholesale price lists.
  3. Seamless Integration: Mirroring Shopify's native UI, it fit right into the Shopify admin panel.
  4. Synced and Separate: While the app operated independently for each store, it also ensured synchronization across all platforms.
  5. Real-time Magic: Orders were synced with Shopify in real-time. As orders rolled in, stocks adjusted automatically.
  6. Insightful Analytics: With internal logs and reporting features, GKTECH had data at their fingertips.
  7. Smooth Checkout: Our solution came equipped with custom checkout scripts and webhooks.
  8. Dynamic Front-end: A customizable Javascript extension added the zing to the customer-facing side.
  9. Robust Hosting: Built on Laravel and hosted on AWS, we ensured reliability and scalability for GKTECH.


Our collaboration with GKTECH exemplifies how understanding a client's needs and deploying the right technology can transform challenges into successful transitions. As GKTECH continues to serve car enthusiasts worldwide, they do so with a robust, bespoke platform that's tailored to their growth. 🚗🛍️🚀

We needed a custom solution for our store that no one else on the market was providing that 100% met our needs. Rhys and the team at Teckrowd smashed it out of the park and delivered a solution to our requirements well under budget.