Sun, Skin, & Shopify: GT Skin's Digital Evolution

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Australia, known for its stunning beaches and the strong sun, birthed GT Skin, an online haven advocating sun-safe skin products and awareness. As they sought to make their mark and bring their unique products to the global audience, a robust online store was paramount. GT Skin needed a platform that was not just transactional, but also educational and engaging.

The Challenge

For GT Skin, the goal was more than just setting up a generic online shop. They wanted their brand ethos — promoting sun safety — to shine through in every element. The platform needed to be both efficient for business transactions and a vessel for spreading awareness.

The Solution

When GT Skin approached us, we immediately saw the potential of harnessing Shopify's prowess for their vision. Our strategy was to craft a Shopify theme that wouldn't just be another template, but a reflection of GT Skin's mission. We were entrusted with the task of breathing life into a stellar design provided by Josh from Heaps Good Studios.

Key Features of the Custom Theme:
  1. Professional to Practical: We transformed Josh's design into a live, responsive Shopify theme.
  2. Native Power: The theme seamlessly integrated with Shopify's core features like customer accounts, payment gateways, and blogs.
  3. Marketing Mastery: Direct integration with Shopify's marketing arsenal, ensuring GT Skin's message reached far and wide.
  4. SEO Superiority: We took care of the finer details — optimized page speeds, meticulous tags, and image optimization.
  5. Universal Appeal: Our theme guaranteed GT Skin's site looked flawless, no matter the screen size.


GT Skin's collaboration with us showcases the symbiosis of purpose-driven branding and top-tier technology. Today, GT Skin doesn't just sell sun-safe products; they've established an online sanctuary that educates, engages, and excels in every transaction.

Rhys built our website from scratch. It was a really seamless process with him, he was so incredibly helpful and prompt. Our website is exactly what we wanted and how we envisioned it.

Georgia Ward

GT Skin