Temp, Talent & Tech: Temp & Agnew's Digital Transformation

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At the intersection of talent and demand lies Temp & Agnew, a recruitment startup serving Australian businesses with top-tier talent and dedicated temporary employees. As they carved out a space for themselves in the recruitment domain, the need for a digital front that was efficient, user-friendly, and professional became apparent. Not just any website would do; they sought a platform where potential hires could browse, learn, and apply with ease.

The Challenge

Temp & Agnew had a vision: a site that was more than just digital decor. It needed to function as a dual-interface — both for businesses looking for the right talent and for potential hires scouting opportunities. Moreover, it should be quick, efficient, and up-to-date with real-time job listings.

The Solution

Our collaboration with Temp & Agnew was a harmonious blend of purpose and platform. Armed with a sleek design by Josh from Heaps Good Studios, we employed the prowess of the Gatsby platform to create a static site that was anything but stagnant. We crafted a site tailored to Temp & Agnew's needs, ensuring both speed and functionality were in perfect sync.

Key Features of the Custom Website:
  1. Gatsby Greatness: Constructed on the Gatsby framework, marrying efficiency with elegance.
  2. Netlify Nurtured: We chose Netlify hosting to ensure swift, secure, and seamless global content delivery.
  3. Job Adder Junction: With integration to Job Adder, live job updates became a breeze, enabling candidates to apply directly through the site.
  4. SEO Savvy: From page speed to tags and image optimization, SEO best practices were at the heart of our build.
  5. Universal Appeal: Responsiveness was key. We ensured Temp & Agnew looked impeccable across devices.
  6. CMS Crafted Our lightweight and user-friendly CMS made content updates straightforward and stress-free.


Temp & Agnew's digital landscape is a testament to the power of tailored tech solutions. Today, they stand tall with a website that's not only a beacon for potential hires but also a paragon of performance and precision.

Fantastic service, fast, detailed and accurate. Really helpful in setting up the website.

Melissa Agnew

Temp and Agnew